Secrets of the 2nd Chakra

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FAR - Focus Align Resonate

Download FAR- Focus Align Resonate here (mp3 - 16.2MB).

Transmutation of lower chakra energies to upper chakras. Feel the energy rise up your spine.

Ascension 2014

Earth is very crowded because souls are being sent there from all over the Galaxy since Earth is a training zone about evil right now. Evil is live reversed. Earth ceases being a training centre at the end of [the millennium], when all participants will get the opportunity to see the direct consequences of not cherishing the Earth. If you cherish life, you will see the ascension of Earth beyond evil. If you do not cherish life, you will experience the Apocalypse according to St.

Peter Francuch - Cosmic Orgasm

Download Peter Francuch-Cosmic Orgasm here (Mp3, 15 Mb)

Osho - Cosmic Orgasm

Download Osho - Cosmic Orgasm here (Mp3, 13.1 MB).

For most of us (or at least for most of our lives), our only point of reference for experiencing the divine love-light energy running through is sexual orgasm. Osho explains a better model of sexuality which lets us escape from the hamster-wheel of karmic sexuality and return to the experience of divine connection and communion at the soul level.

Here is the text:

Cosmic Orgasm Through Tantra

Bringers of the Dawn - Ch. 20 - Cosmic Orgasm

Download Bringers of the Dawn - Ch. 20 - Cosmic Orgasm here (mp3, 30 Mb).

This book was channelled by Barbara Marciniak. You can buy the book here on Amazon, definitely a must-read!

Here is the text, from the Internet (not copied from the book itself).

Chapter Twenty

Secrets of the Second Chakra

Planets At Play

Download Planets At Play (mp3, 28 MB).
This was extracted from vision-space on two successive 3 AM sessions, after having watched
Tuning In on YouTube. The first time I watched this video, I wrote Distant Sun during the hours following.

This music should be really powerful when used on the massage table.

Politician in Heat

This song is my contribution to politics during this election year. The message is simple: the only thing I can change is myself.

Download Politican In Heat (mp3, 3.8 MB).

He's gotta hard line for a constituent.
You know I been down, he's gonna up my rent.

Well, who is that man? Why's he smiling at me?
(He's a politician in heat.)
Well, I don't know him, and he don't know me
(He's a politician in heat.)
All he wants is my vote and my cash
Then he'll give it all to me


Download AscenDance (mp3, 11.3 MB).
New! 14 minute version: AscenDance (Long Version) (mp3, 13 MB).

The longer version spends more time on the base chakra and is more powerful for long-term entrainment.

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