Planets At Play

Download Planets At Play (mp3, 28 MB).
This was extracted from vision-space on two successive 3 AM sessions, after having watched
Tuning In on YouTube. The first time I watched this video, I wrote Distant Sun during the hours following.

This music should be really powerful when used on the massage table.

Gently Falling Snow (Healing Code for Shingles [Herpes Zoster])

Download Gently Falling Snow here (mp3, 2 MB).

We Wanna Make A Garden (The Pachamama Song)

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Download We Wanna Make A Garden (The Pachamama Song) (mp3, 14.4 MB).

This song is around fifteen minutes long. It is especially good for dancing in your garden before, during or after you plant it.

Vocals by Stephanie and Lee, other instruments and vocals by Will. It is dedicated to Owen (Melanie's Owen in case you need clarification), just because he liked it.

Greg Braden on Personal Coherence and Evolution

This is a very interesting video if you are experiencing any energy flow in your own body, and/or if you are able to perceive energy in others, in whatever form. It's less than 20 minutes long. This is the part which caught my eye:

Politician in Heat

This song is my contribution to politics during this election year. The message is simple: the only thing I can change is myself.

Download Politican In Heat (mp3, 3.8 MB).

He's gotta hard line for a constituent.
You know I been down, he's gonna up my rent.

Well, who is that man? Why's he smiling at me?
(He's a politician in heat.)
Well, I don't know him, and he don't know me
(He's a politician in heat.)
All he wants is my vote and my cash
Then he'll give it all to me

Solstice 2011 - Meditation of Acceptance and Ascendancy

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Download Meditation of Acceptance and Ascendancy (mp3, 13.6 MB)

This is a 15 minute meditation that came to me upon waking this morning. The meditation starts after the four-minute mark, to allow time for the listener to relax. The waves I recorded near Puerto Vallarta in 2008. There are third and fourth harmonics of eight Hz (the Schumann resonance) which also yields an 8 Hz binaural beat, so for the full effect please use headphones.

This is the text of the meditation:

Feeling the Earth - Black Madonna

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Comments from Marion Woodman on having a more visceral experience of the sentient being known as "Earth."

"Lie flat on the ground and feel the living pulse of the Earth, and know that you are part of it..."


Download AscenDance (mp3, 11.3 MB).
New! 14 minute version: AscenDance (Long Version) (mp3, 13 MB).

The longer version spends more time on the base chakra and is more powerful for long-term entrainment.

Heart Echo

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There's not much I can say about this piece except that it works on me more powerfully than any other piece I've written so far. You bounce energy between lower chakras on the low note, and the heart on the high note. You can do it alone or with someone else. That's it.

Download Heart Echo (MP3, 13.1 MB)

Here's what it looks like in Audacity:

Goddess Whirled

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Download Goddess Whirled (mp3, 20.6 MB). This is a piece which is like a game, and you can even play it with a friend. It coaxes you into bouncing energy up and down, throughout your body, which eventually lights up and balances all the chakras and the paths between them.

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