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Bringers of the Dawn - Ch. 20 - Cosmic Orgasm

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This book was channelled by Barbara Marciniak. You can buy the book here on Amazon, definitely a must-read!

Here is the text, from the Internet (not copied from the book itself).

Chapter Twenty

Sexuality-A Bridge to Higher Levels of Consciousness

Content of „Bringers of the Dawn“, pg. 211 - 223, Chapter Twenty.

When the library of yourselves was torn from the shelves and scattered, and the DNA was split so that there were only two strands left with very little data and very little memory, sexuality was left intact in the physical body. It was left as a form of reproduction, of course-as a form for the species to stay in touch with its own essence and bring itself into life. Very deep inside the mechanism of sexuality is a frequency that can be attained that has been sought after and misunderstood by many people. It is called orgasm.

The orgasm has been distorted from its original purpose. Your body has forgotten the cosmic orgasm of which it is capable because society has taught you for thousands and thousands of years that sexuality is bad. You have been taught this in order for you to be controlled and to keep you from seeking the freedom available through sexuality. Sexuality connects you with a frequency of ecstasy, which connects you back to your divine source and to information.

Sexuality has been given a bad name upon this planet, and that bad name is stored in your cellular memory. This is not just from this lifetime; it is from thousands of years of misappropriation and misuse. It is necessary for you to clear the negativity surrounding sexuality from this lifetime, as well as to experience and examine how you utilize sexual energy and sexual expression in your multidimensional selves.

The sexual parts of the body are avenues to pleasure that create frequencies that heal and stimulate the body and potentially lead it to its higher spiritual self. Sexuality is so misunderstood on this planet that, when it is exchanged between two persons, very seldom is there an intent to connect spirituality with it. Sexuality invokes a spirituality that is free and that looks at itself as a creator. However, very seldom is sexuality used as a bridge to take you to higher levels of consciousness. We have spoken with a number of individuals who have been utilizing light. Since finding the proper partner in a monogamous situation, they have been able to achieve very high states of being. Monogamy tends to work for most of you very well because of where you are vibrationally. When you have many partners, you tend to be less than honest and to hide who you are: you share a little here, there, and everywhere in scattering your seed. It is best to be with one person, but this does not mean the same person forever. Be loyal, be open, and be sharing with the person you are working with, and go as far as you can with them. If it happens to be your whole life, wonderful. If it doesn't, then when you come to a place where you are no longer communicating and serving one another, and you feel the relationship is not going to be able to make a leap, terminate the relationship and find another person who works with your vibration.

When you work one-on-one intimately, you develop trust. Most of you have difficulty trusting yourselves because you don't have a role model for trust. You can learn about trust in a relationship because a relationship acts as a mirror for you, showing you what you cannot see from your own viewpoint. It shows you yourself outside of yourself when you have open communication within sexuality and deep intimacy, and when you are not using sexuality as a distraction for getting close. Many of you have used sexuality as a distraction and a way to avoid intimacy rather than to develop it. You begin to get energo and to look into one another's eves and to feel all hot and excited. Then, instead of exploring each other intimately and spiritually, you shut down your feeling centers, put on your armor, and have shallow, genital sex because it is too frightening and too intense to go the deeper route of full body and full spiritual connection. Sometimes hot sex feels great and is wonderful. We are simply saving that there is more. There is much more, and no one is keeping it from you except yourselves and the beliefs and fear you have of letting down your boundaries and walls. Many of the fears you have are based on what you have created for yourselves and what you have done to others in your sexual life. Your sexual history affects every other portion of your soul, so all of your soul's issues are broadcast loud and clear throughout your body. You don't want to look at this sometimes because it is too painful, and you judge it because you think it is bad. Stop judging, and get neutral about what you have done-no matter what you discover, no matter how heinous it seems, no matter how difficult it seems, and no matter how much violation it involves. Understand that your purpose has been to gather data and to understand your selves.

Sexuality is a frequency. It represents what was not taken away from you even though your history, your memories, and your identity were removed and scattered. The way you were left intact with the ability to discover who you were was through the sexual experience. Of course, you were never taught this. We are going to do some church bashing here. So sorry for anyone who is a member of the churches. The churches came about as organizations-businesses to control religion and spiritual development and to create jobs, to create a hierarchy, and to create a club. Very few churches came about with the idea of bringing information to people. You don't usually think of religion as something that keeps you informed, do you? Any religion that brings information is a religion operating on the vibration of truth. Spiritual realms are places of existence that the human bodyis locked away from. Because sexuality was an opportunity for human beings to regain their memory, or to connect with their spiritual selves and spiritual creator, or to find an avenue to the spiritual realm that you are sealed off from, the churches came about and promoted sexuality for procreation. They taught you that the only reason you had sexuality was to produce little humans.

Sexuality was promoted as something very bad. Women were told that sexuality was something they had to undergo to serve men and that they had no control over the birthing process. Women believed this; hence, to this day, you believe in general that you have no control over that portion of your body. You must realize that only you decide whether you are going to birth a child or not. This is not such a complicated thing as you have been told. Decision and intention are what bring the experience to your being. You can control whether you have a baby or not. If woman had had this ability for the last several thousand years, and if she had been able to explore her sexual self without fear of having a child, perhaps men and women would have discovered that they were much freer than they had been told they were.

The discovery of the highest frequency of sexuality arises from the love experience. It has nothing to do with relationships being either homosexual or heterosexual. It has to do with two human beings bringing pleasure to one another in a way that opens frequencies of consciousness. You have bought many ideas about what is proper and what is improper within sexual expression.

Love is the essence that is to be created in all relationships. If you love and honor someone, it doesn't matter what your composition of density is. What matters is the love vibration and how you explore this love, which ideally is gifted and coupled with the integration of the male and the female counterparts that make the twin flame.

Ideally, sexuality is explored through feelings. The third and fourth chakras connect you to the emotional and compassionate selves, which connect you to the spiritual self. The spiritual self is the part of yourself that is multidimensional through which you exist in many forms simultaneously. It is vour assignment and agreement and task to be aware of all these realities in the identity that you are. When you are aware, you can time into the different frequencies, remember who you are, and change the vibratory rate of this universe.

We love to talk about sexualitv because it is so mvsterious upon this planet. Certain mystery schools have held some of the knowledge about the potential uses of sexuality in secrecy. You are electromagnetic creatures, and when you come together physically with another human creature, you bond your electromagnetic frequencies together. When your frequencies are attuned and joined by a love frequency, incredible things can occur.

Thousands of years ago, when society had more of a matriarchal view in certain areas of the planet, Goddess energy was coming through and working with certain individuals. The female understood her power, her intuition, her feeling center, her connection, and her desire to create life. She also understood that she never had to conceive a child if it was not her intention to do so. In order for the patriarchal society to come full circle and prepare Earth for this shift in consciousness, female energy needed to take a back seat. So female power, energy, and understanding of sexuality were suppressed. In modern times the past two thousand years-it came to be upon the planet that women believed they had no control over when they could have children, that sexuality was deemed bad and disgusting, and that sex was taught to be performed only within the rights of marriages and so on. All of this was a marketing program.

Some of the present-day marketing programs to create an even greater fear of sexuality and its expression are the new diseases: AIDS, herpes, and all the other things. You read about these things in your newspapers and become frightened of your own expression, frightened of your own intuition, and frightened of your own joy. Do you understand?

Before DNA was rearranged, the way many people reached the higher realms and were able to climb the ladders of themselves and reach into off-planet frequencies was by electrornagneticallv bonding through love. They created a rocketship-like experience to propel them out into other systems of reality. This has been one of the best-kept secrets upon the planet.

Many we have spoken to have had absolutely profound experiences with their sexuality. We would like to point out again that we are not making distinctions or judgments about who you happen to bond with in a relationship, and we suggest that you give up that judgment as well. It is old programming. It does not matter whether you bond with a member of the opposite sex or a member of your own sex. We are talking about two humans coming together by physically joining themselves in whatever ways are appropriate for them to join and create love, because they are sharing love. When integrity and love are missing from a joining of human bodies, that is when human beings do not think well of their experience. This can create all kinds of damaging results within the physical body. You were left with the frequency of the orgasmic experience in sexuality so that you could remember your higher identity. When this energy or history of yourself is revealed and you discover who you are, you will unite many bodies of your personal multidimensional identity in your physical form. To receive the full impact of the gridwork of your identity, let the twelve helixes fit in your body and allow the light-encoded filaments to rearrange themselves. This process has to do with the mental body, which is of course connected to the physical body. The emotional body, which is connected to the spiritual body, is the body that everybody wants to skip. You say, "I want to evolve. I want a rapid acceleration, but I do not want to go through the feeling center to do it."

You are connected to your multidimensional selves through your feelings, and it is in your feelings that you primarily get stuck. Accept that your "stuff" comes up for a reason. Many of you would like to bury your "stuff" and throw it out in the trash as if it is something ugly and not who you are. This "stuff" is the shadow portion of your identity that you don't like to deal with or accept. We understand that sometimes, when something comes Lip, you label it and say, "I hate this part of myself. I want to just finish it and sweep it under the rug and forget it. I'm finished with this stuff." Guess what. Your "stuff"-your issues-are the treasures of your life. They are how you learn. You have agreed to mutate, to pull light into your body, and to birth the Family of Light on this planet. Since light is information, you must deal with all of the things you have hidden from yourself. Sexuality is the primary issue because it is the secret self-the self you hide from. Society has said to you, "This is good. This is bad. You are to do this. You are not to do this." Who gave you these laws? Who gave you any of your laws to begin with?

You have been stuck because you can't read the symbols of the language you are speaking to yourselves. So you dwell upon it. Many of you love your stories because they get you attention. If you didn't have a story, who would talk to you? Observe your body and see what it is teaching the self. Ideally, you will heal the sore and create a place of greater comfort and joy as you learn to dwell more completely in your physical body and have a new identity of your sexuality.

Sexuality is a key. It is a doorway to the higher realms of consciousness. As you redefine yourselves, and the light-encoded filaments give you a new definition of yourselves, you are going to change who you are sexually as well. Sexuality must come up for all of you, and, we will say from experience, it is the area that you are most frightened of at this time. We guarantee there will be more frightening areas later.

If you are stuck on the idea of love and cannot comprehend what is going on with it, your difficulty is that you are looking for love outside yourself. You are looking for somebody else to put meaning in your life and validate you. If you do not have that person, you become angry or feel you are worthless. This is a pattern you grew up with, which your parents and your society showed you. We have said over and over again that the most important thing you can do is love yourself and honor Earth. But you keep forgetting this and looking for the next relationship to make you whole or complete. You feel that without a relationship you are perhaps less than an acceptable citizen. Then you feel lonely. You must learn how to be alone. Loneliness is simply a state of mind. You are never, never alone. You have multitudes of entities around you. If you would stop feeling sorry for yourselves, you would find that there is so much data constantly being blasted at you that you may want to be alone so you can have a good time receiving the contact.

When you love yourself and stop getting convoluted about the need to have someone else love you, you are able to accept what someone offers. It is imperative that you value yourself so that you do not settle for a love disguised. If you decide to go for a partner or to vibrate with someone, and you do not receive what you want, do not whine or nag or pout about the person to make them change according to your needs. If you set a value for yourself and do not create it, then simply change your reality and continue onward alone until you meet someone who reflects your value. All the while, vibrate in the love of the self, honor the self, and understand that the journey here is about selfdiscovery in relationship to others. It is not just about husbands or wives. The journey here is about honoring your physical body and the uniqueness of the self as you touch the lives of many. Always allow yourself to work with the self and let the self evolve.

You are all afraid of being intimate with yourselves-of being alone with the self. Once you develop an intimacy, a silence, a self-love, and a containment of your energy, then you will want to make that aspect of intimacy your standard for intimacy with someone else.

Sexuality can be very confusing at this time because you are raising and studying your frequencies. When you join bodies, even when you hug one another, you exchange frequency. When you have a sexual experience, there is a hormonal release inside the body. The hormones awaken certain energies inside the cells, and there is a transference of one person's essence onto the other person. That is why when vote have had sexual experiences with someone volt sometimes cannot get their energy off vote. Even though you don't want to be with the person, the sexual experience stays with you because you have had an electromagnetic exchange.

You are going through this frequency modulation and learning how to raise your frequency to a place of consistent information, self-love, and self-intimacy. Therefore, it can seem very confusing and sometimes frightening to take this vulnerable thing you are learning about yourself and layer up and merge with another. The more you become aware, the more you take charge of how you use your body, where you plug it in, where you sit it down, and certainly who you mix it with sexually. If expressing yourself sexually now encouraged your greatest growth, you would automatically create that experience for yourself because you would be ready for it. Understand that, during the process of evolving the self, very often a period of dormancy in sexual activity occurs. Within the sexual frequency, you exchange with one another. So if you are bonding yourself and chemically exchanging with a person who is not of your likeness, you are taking on their garbage because you are exchanging energy quite intimately.

Sometimes you will be led away from that kind of exchange. You may think, "Oh, my goodness, what is happening? Am I turning old? Am I drying up? What is going on?" That is not the case. You can learn to use the energy that would stimulate you sexually without giving it over to another person. Instead of getting chaotic and crazy, you may explore that energy by practicing the art of masturbation, knowing that it is perfectly legitimate and fine to do it. Or, you may want to simply observe that you feel a sexual arousal and decide what you are going to do with it. You may say, "Well, I'm not going to act on this now. Let's see where this energy goes." Take the energy, let it rise through your body, and use it in other areas.

You will get to a point when you must adore, sustain, and love yourself as if you are holding yourself like a newborn babe in your own arms, knowing you will do the best for yourself. Many of you distract yourselves. Find the place of serenity and silence in which you cyan find answers. You cannot find answers by dialing the telephone all day long and asking everyone else for them. If you attempt to, you are demonstrating that you are looking outside of yourself. When you learn how to turn within to find answers, the self will speak. Usually you cannot hear because you are locked in behavioral patterns that you know you have to change but that you don't want to change because you don't know who you will be.

In all honesty, you are afraid of yourselves. This is a very common thing. You are afraid you will not be complete, and you want to be complete very much. So you say, "I am complete. I am sovereign. I need someone else. I am attracted to someone. Oh, no, I cannot look. I am too frightened of that. I don't need anyone. I do need someone." You go back and forth. Learn to still your mind. Learn to become completely in charge of your energy. What does that mean? It means that wherever you are, you observe yourself-how your body is positioned, how you are using your hands, whether you are repeating yourself over and over again, whether you are speaking or silent. Learn to watch yourself with no judgment. Learn to watch and selfcorrect by determining how you would like to be versus how you are. Learn to quiet your mind.

Frequency is carried from you to another person particularly if there is a love bonding. A love bonding does not mean that you are going to cleave to one another forever. It simply means that you are in a relationship for however long you deem that relationship appropriate in that you honor one another and exchange energies and let the energies flow as if through open circuitry. When you do not love another and you are not bonded, there is no exchange; the circuitry does not open. It does not mean that you cannot have good sex; it simply means that the circuitry is not open.

As this electrical current is raised higher and higher, there are greater heights of orgasmic experience that the human body can receive because the nervous system is able to handle the higher ecstatic frequencies. The nervous system will determine how you express yourself and how you feel. If you have a poorly evolved nervous system, your sexual experience will be very limited because the nervous system conducts the electrical current. The orgasmic experience brings about a healing and realignment of the physical body.

Eventually, you will not be able to get close to or be with someone who is not operating at the same voltage you are. You simply will not fit. It would be like putting a size nine foot into a size two shoe. It won't work or be comfortable. You won't fit because you won't be able to merge vibrationally. You will eventually understand the importance of vibrational nourishment as you begin to link sexually. Linking sexually is only one way of merging with people who are moving at the same or a compatible voltage rate. Your reality is very interesting to us because you have so many clues in your waking world. When you go to a foreign country, your electrical appliances do not plug in. They don't fit, so you need an adapter. It would be stressful if you had to continuously adapt to a vibration when you were involved intimately in a sexual relationship. It would be too much effort. You would spend all your energy creating the adaptive mechanisms. Then you would be in denial and not give yourself permission to go further because you would lower the ceiling.

The sixties marked the opening of sexual exploration. In an instant, the paradigm shifted. Much of the energy that was on the planet at that time, coupled with the experimental ingestion of different mindaltering substances, immediately made a new paradigm and split you from previous generations. The boundaries were instantly changed. You were split from a generation that believed in war and did not feel-a generation whose sexual expression was done in the dark, perhaps with many clothes on. You broke the paradigm wide open in many ways, and you set new trends and created new ways of being. It was wonderful. "Oh, goodness, free sex and love and bodies showing!" you said. Now it is time for a whole new revolution through which you will become vibrationally hooked to a person. There will be no more distractions of sexuality and no more pretending that you are without hang-ups-that you are sexually liberated because you can be in this position and that position and say this and do that. That is simply body aerobics in the area of sexuality. We want you to get into the aerobics and contortions of the soul-the vibration. The depth of two people coming together and linking in this capacity is what you all crave. If you are frightened of it, it is because you don't have a framework or role model for it. You must design one. You must trust that somehow the energy in the design of the cosmic blueprint will instantly bring about a new movement based on the desire for this next step of understanding yourselves.

You will remember with great clarity your expressions of sexuality in your different manipulations through reality-when you have been both men and women and explored sexuality in every aspect. It takes courage to do this. If there is one area in which you really judge yourselves, and in which the planet does great judging, it is sex. You have had some definite ideas about what is sexually proper and improper. So, many of you may be shocked to remember what you have done with your sexuality. Understand that, on this planet, sexuality has always been the body's link to its higher frequency. Even though much of the data was scattered and disassembled in the body, this potential to create life remained for you to completely understand who you are at the base of your being and at the core of who you are. Sexual vibration has been your link with your cosmic identity, but this whole concept has been completely misunderstood and lost. We are simply saying that there is a bigger story and that it is much more exciting than anyone has dared to believe. There were those who did not want you to be in tune withthese frequencies because the sexual frequencies could have taken You to areas of liberation where you would have begun to figure things out. Sexuality was left as a frequency for you to ride through the nervous system and connect with the higher mind by going out of your body. If you had been told that this was the route out, who could have controlled or manipulated you?

The population must clear the negative connotations and judgments that have colored your sexual experience for eons. You must make peace with sex in order to integrate the frequencies and identity. Things have been manipulated and given a boundary of limitation so that the truth of sexuality has been kept from you. You have been told that you can procreate with it and have orgasms, but you have not been told that you can open frequencies with it. You can come into contact and use it as a method of remembering who you are and altering the vibrational frequency of your body. In the next few years, your expression of sexuality will have a whole new dimension. You will evolve and grow, provided that you have a partner who is willing to take the same route and to be that open. But if you are with someone who wants to play the avoidance game or the game of denial, you will not get there.

FAR - Focus Align Resonate

Download FAR- Focus Align Resonate here (mp3 - 16.2MB).

Transmutation of lower chakra energies to upper chakras. Feel the energy rise up your spine.

Osho - Cosmic Orgasm

Download Osho - Cosmic Orgasm here (Mp3, 13.1 MB).

For most of us (or at least for most of our lives), our only point of reference for experiencing the divine love-light energy running through is sexual orgasm. Osho explains a better model of sexuality which lets us escape from the hamster-wheel of karmic sexuality and return to the experience of divine connection and communion at the soul level.

Here is the text:

Cosmic Orgasm Through Tantra

Tantra first teaches how to move in sex, how to know it, how to feel it, how to come to the deepest shiva cosmic dancepossibility hidden in it, to the climax, how to find the essential beauty, the essential happiness and bliss that is hidden there.
Once you know that secret you can transcend it because, really, in a deep sexual orgasm it is not sex which gives you bliss, it is something else. Sex is just a situation. Something else is giving you the euphoria, the ecstasy. That something else can be divided into three elements. But when I speak about those elements, do not think that you can understand them just from my words. They must become part of your experience. As concepts they are useless. Because of three basic elements in sex you come to a blissful moment.

Those three are:

Firstly, Timelessness

You transcend time completely. There is no time. You forget time completely; time ceases for you. Not that time ceases, it ceases for YOU; you are not in it. There is no past, no future. In this very moment, here and now, the whole existence is concentrated. This moment becomes the only real moment. If you can make this moment the only real moment without sex, then there is no need of sex. Through meditation it happens.

Secondly, You Become Egoless

In sex for the first time you lose your ego. So all those who are very much egoistic, they are all always against sex, because in sex they have to lose their egos. You are not, nor is there the other. You and your beloved are both lost into something else. A new reality evolves, a new unit comes into existence in which the old two are lost - completely lost. The ego is afraid. You are no more there. If without sex you can come to a moment when you are not, then there is no need of it.

Thirdly, the Unreal is Lost

In sex you are natural for the first time. The unreal is lost, the faces, the facades are lost; the society, the culture, the civilization, is lost. You are a part of nature. As trees are, as animals are, as stars are, you are a part of nature. You are in a greater something - the cosmos, the Tao. You are floating in it. You cannot even swim in it; YOU are not. You are just floating - being taken by the current.

These Three Things Give You the Ecstasy.

Sex is just a situation in which it happens naturally. Once you know and once you can feel these elements, you can create these elements independently of sex. All meditation is essentially the experience of sex without sex, but you have to go through it. It must become part of your experience, not just be there as concepts, ideas, thoughts.

Tantra is not for sex, tantra is to transcend. But you can transcend only through experience - existential experience - not through ideology. Only through tantra does Brahmacharya happen. This looks paradoxical, but it is not. Only through knowledge does transcendence happen. Ignorance cannot help you towards transcendence; it can only help you towards hypocrisy.
(Osho - Vigyan Bhairav tantra, vol.1 #34)

People feel bored with their wives and with their husbands. The reason is they have not been able to contact the other?s real soul. They have been able to contact the body - but they have missed the contact that happens heart-to-heart, center-to-center, soul-to-soul. Once you know how to contact soul-to-soul - when you have become soul-mates - then there is no boredom at all. Then there is always something to discover in the other - because each being is an infinity, and each being contains God himself; there is no end to exploring.

That?s why I say that Tantra should become a compulsory phenomenon for all human beings. Each school, each college, each university, should teach Tantra. Tantra is the science of contacting souls, of going to the deepest core of the other. Only in a world which knows the art of Tantra will this boredom disappear, otherwise it cannot disappear. You can tolerate it, you can suffer it, you can be a martyr to it. That?s how people have been in the past - martyrs. They say, "What to do? this is fate. This life is finished. Next life we will choose some other woman or some other man, but this life is gone, and nothing can be done. And the children are there, and thousand and one problems"... and the prestige and the society and the respectability. So they have suffered and they have remained martyrs.

Now they are no longer ready to suffer, so they have moved to the other extreme: now they are indulging in all kinds of sex, but that too is not giving any contentment.

Neither the Indian is contented nor is the American. Nobody is contented, because the basic thing is missed by both. The basic thing is: unless you become capable of decoding the inner mystery of your woman or your man, you will sooner or later get fed up, bored. Then either you become a martyr - remain with it, suffer it, wait for death to deliver you - or you start indulging with other women. But whatsoever you have done with this woman will be done with the other, and you will get fed up with the other, and bored with the other, and your whole life will be just changing partners. That is not going to satisfy either.

Unless you learn the secret art of Tantra...

Tantra is one of the most important secrets ever discovered. But it is very delicate because it is the greatest art. To paint is easy, to create poetry is easy, but to create a communion with the energy of the other, a dancing communion, is the greatest and the most difficult art to learn.

People are against me because I am telling people how to love. I am telling people how to make love a prayer, I am telling people how to love so deeply that love itself becomes your religion... that your woman one day disappears and you find God there, that your man one day disappears and you find God there; that one day, in deep communion, in deep orgasmic experience, in that ecstasy, for a moment you both disappear and there is only God and nothing else.

You have been taught down the ages to be against sex, and that has made you very sexual. Now this paradox has to be understood. If you want to understand me, this paradox has to be understood very, very deeply, clearly: you have been made sexual by all the condemnation of sex... that?s what has happened to the whole humanity: repressed sex has become the obsession.

People think I am teaching sexuality? I am teaching transcendence. Soon this will be the only place where nobody will be obsessed with sex. It is already the experience of hundreds of sannyasins. Every day I receive letters: "What is happening, Osho? My sex is disappearing, I no longer find much interest in it" - men and women both.

That interest is a pathological interest that has been created by repression. Once repression is taken away, that interest will disappear. And then there is a natural feel - which is not obsessive, which is not pathological. And whatsoever is natural is good. This interest in sex is unnatural. And the problem is: this is being created by the priest and by the politician, by the so-called Mahatmas. They are the culprits. And they go on creating it, and they think they are helping humanity to go beyond sex. They are not! They are throwing humanity into this whole mess.

If you understand me rightly, then you will be surprised by the experience that you will go through in this commune. Soon you will find that sex has become a natural phenomenon. And finally, as your meditations will deepen, as you will start meeting with each other?s souls more and more, the body contact will become less and less. A moment comes when there is no need for sexuality to be there. It has taken a new turn; the energy has started moving upwards. It is the same energy - at the lowest rung it is sex, at the highest rung it is samadhi.

(Osho - The Secret of Secrets, Vol.2 #10)

Peter Francuch - Cosmic Orgasm

Download Peter Francuch-Cosmic Orgasm here (Mp3, 15 Mb)

This is from Peter Francuch's book The New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, which you can download here if you are interested. This is an excerpt of chapter 20, The Mystery of Sexuality in General and Human Sexuality in Particular. In deference to Christians, who for the most part might find the idea of channelling a new revelation from Jesus Christ a sacrilege - let alone the material presented in the chapter! - I have changed all instances of "The Lord Jesus Christ" to "Source." The idea to do this came from the author Peter Francuch himself; in one place in this chapter he wrote "Source, or The Lord Jesus Christ" which I take as an indication of what his intention was in using both terms.

This meditation has binaural beats and so is best listened to with headphones, in a relaxed state. I chose this meditation in particular because of the image of energy-exchange with spheres (see this scene from the movie Cocoon, and also because it has a pretty good description of the hardware-software hack which was done to the human subtle energy system.

Here is the text:

“The major purpose of fabricating human sexuality [as it is now practised] was to disconnect it from its true spiritual source, thus preventing it from conducting the true life, and to connect it to a non-spiritual source.”

“...what was done here was that the true sexuality, as conceived and practised in the positive state, was replaced or closed off with a fake one, fabricated from the various elements taken out from the true sentient life.

“Total removal of true sexuality from any life, including human life, is not possible because, being a conductor of true life, sexuality functions as an electric wire that conducts electricity — in this case, the true life. Thus, without that wire, no electricity of life would be forthcoming.
“However, one can insulate, isolate and conceal that wire and restructure it in such a manner as to allow it to conduct only a very limited amount of that life, sufficient enough to maintain a semblance of life in any form of life. At the same time, it is possible to use the rest of potentials of that wire by connecting it to some other source of fake life, making it conduct, in this unusual and impossible mixture, whatever you put into it.”

...[also] an inborn idea was planted in the human mind, claiming that human sexuality and the way it is understood, practiced and mandated by various spiritual, religious, moral, social and legal laws is the only possible way, the right way and the godly way.”

“Because this is a genetically ingrained idea in the human mind and the human body, it is almost impossible for any human to conceive of sexuality in any other way.

...built into the human life system [are] elaborate feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment, disgust and aversion to any other mode of sexual life. Thus, for most humans, to think or to desire any other mode of sexual life triggers within them these adverse feelings, causing them numerous sexual and other spiritual, mental and physical problems

“Unfortunately, this miserable outcome only reinforces the traditional human conceptualization of sexuality, telling you that, if you were to live your sexual life as mandated by all human laws and social expectations and traditions, you would not end up in this misery, whatever form or manifestation it takes. So humans have little choice, while living the human life, but to practice their sexuality the way it is mandated by their various laws.”

“Yet, as mentioned above, nothing truly normal, healthy, natural, proper, moral, spiritual, or whatever, is in the structure, content, concept and practice of human sexuality, the major reason being that it is connected, in over 95 percent of its total capacity, to the wrong source. Only less than five percent of it is connected to the true source.”

...tune yourself into the less than five percent of the connectedness of human sexuality to The Giver of Life. Your spiritual intuition from that region tells you something entirely different. There is a tremendous affinity to and inner certainty about what is being conveyed here. Listen to that inner intuition, ‘a still small voice within’.”

“The most frustrating factor of human sexuality is that even though it is the most intimate means available to humans for experiencing others, their mutual sexual experience never allows them to penetrate their sexual partner’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, states and processes in the unique configuration of their partner’s personality. Even with such intimate sharing, albeit primarily physical, they still remain an enigma to each other. No matter how often they engage in sexual intercourse, no matter how long they have known each other, there is always something important about them that remains hidden from each other.“

“The reason for this situation with human sexuality is that it is disconnected from its proper spiritual and mental source. The lack of this crucial and vital connectedness is ever present in the process of, and after, sexual intercourse, even though most humans cannot put their fingers on what it is they are missing so sorely. No one, or very few humans, know that this disconnectedness is the major cause of all tragedies of human sexuality.”

“By a peculiar anatomical structure and by a peculiarity of the spiritual, mental and physical alteration, human sexuality was made a tool of the negative state to keep humans in blindness and in an inability to experience an all-inclusive sharing with anyone. An all-inclusive sharing would allow them to discover the nature of the positive state, rooted in such sharing, and turn their back on the negative state. This is the reason why human sexuality was structured the way it is.”

“The process of sex in the positive state can be conceptualized as follows:”

“Each sentient entity emanates a unique visible sphere in which unique qualities of the spiritual, mental and physical nature of his/her personality are fully contained and reflected. This sphere is fully charged with sexual energy which conducts these unique qualities to anyone who is in proximity to that individual and opens oneself for sharing.”

“In the process of sex, the unique sexual sphere, containing all unique characteristics of one’s masculinity or femininity, as well as all unique qualities of one’s personality from all its spiritual, mental and physical aspects, in an equalized and balanced manner, is sent out and engulfs the receiver. In turn, the receiver becomes simultaneously a sender and engulfs the sender, who becomes also a receiver, with his or her own unique sexual sphere.“

“In the process of this engulfment and total penetration, they merge into one another, and equally exchange the total content of their personalities, all their unique sexual characteristics, as well as their spiritual, mental and physical states. In the process of that exchange, several things happen:”

“1. Each participant acquires a unique experience of how the other person is and functions. Remember, please, each person is infinitely and eternally different. No two same experiences are possible even with the same person, if you engage with him/her in sexual intercourse. There is always somethin g new and different to experience.

2. One person is experiencing the other person within oneself and at the same time, within that person.

3. One person is experiencing oneself within the other person and at the same time, within oneself with an unusual intensity and clarity.

4. One person is experiencing how the other person is experiencing him or her within himself or herself.

5. The unique experience of each other in a state of merger (nothing like that has ever existed before).

6. The unusual experience of the unique presence of Source within that person and within oneself and the exchange and merger of that experience.

7. A totally new and unique experience of an aspect of life which has never been in an experiential mode before.”

“In the process of this multiple unique experiential mode, when all aspects of that mode are exchanged and merged, the spiritual, mental and physical presence of Source takes place, bringing in that mode a totally new, most delightful, most blissful and most unusual experience that is culminated in a tremendous spiritual, mental and physical orgasm.”

“In the process of that orgasm two important things happen:”

“1. A totally new, hitherto unknown aspect of The Nature of Source, of the nature of the sender and of the nature of the receiver, and vice versa, is revealed and experienced.”

“2. A totally new, hitherto unavailable and inconceivable idea is born, which is immediately endowed by Source with a new individual sentient life that becomes, in its own right, a new, unique, free and independent sentient entity.”

“Because this is a unique experience, in order to acquire an infinite variety of such unique experiences for the purpose of enrichment and enhancement of one’s life and for the purpose of joy, delight, pleasure and exchange, and acquirement of greater knowledge, understanding and love of The Source, others and oneself, such an experience can never be limited to one other person only.”

“However, this situation does not exclude, by one’s choice, being spiritually married to one person to eternity. But such spiritual marriage does not contain any notion of exclusivity, possessiveness, jealousy or other negative characteristics, seen so vividly in human marriages. The true spiritual marriage, for the sake of its own growth, progression and betterment, is not only supportive of such infinite varieties of sexual experiences with other individuals, but requires them as an integral need for the sustenance of such marriage.”

“Being the conductor or transmitter of life into its carriers, sexuality reflects the structure of true life. In its original structure, sexuality has three major aspects that correspond to the three major aspects of the sentient mind. Thus, sexuality consists of the innermost spiritual aspect, intermediate or mental aspect and external or physical aspect.”

“In the totality of these aspects, sexuality functions as a conductor of proper ideas of unifying principles of all levels, degrees and spheres of life and the sentient mind.

“The process of reception of life by any carrier of life by the means of its sexual conductor is experienced as a pleasurable event. Through it and by it one is directly connected to one’s Source. Through it and by it one lives and is alive.”

“These factors enable one to experience oneself as a unique, living, functioning, active and independent sentient entity. Such an experience constitutes the most delightful and pleasurable state one can achieve. It is the greatest thing of all to live and to be alive. Feelings of this nature stir within every sentient entity a state of orgasmic excitement, joy and happiness, experienced at all levels of his/her mind — spiritual, mental and physical.”

“Now, this is what sexuality is all about. This is how true sexuality is defined.”
“Sex is a process of sharing of all those delightful, joyous, exciting and happy feelings of life from the position of one’s unique masculine aspects for a male and feminine aspects for a female through which a male can experience how life is perceived, conceived, carried and experienced by a female and a female can experience how life is perceived, conceived, carried and experienced by a male.”

As you know, as long as you are in the human body , you are bound by human laws and demands. They are genetically ingrained in your body, in your human mentality and in your human sexuality.”

“However, there is a limited way out of this predicament, at least to a certain degree.”

“What you have to do is to defy the demands of the negative state by turning everything available to you within the human life into a different purpose than for what it was intended for you.”

“This is true about all aspects of human life and not only about human sexuality. You place all these factors into the services of the positive state. This is done by changing your attitude about human life and human sexuality.”

“You are hereby advised to enjoy as much as possible, under your limited and limiting conditions, everything available to you, including, and especially, your sexuality. By enjoying it and using it for positive purposes, such as, for example, for giving, receiving and sharing it with delight, pleasure, joy, happiness and for mutual benefit, common good and use of all who want to reciprocate and participate in this kind of life, and doing it for the sake of principles, because it is the right thing to do, with positive and good intent, you are defying the negative state’s conceptualization of life and human sexuality.“

“You have to remember that, after all, even if human sexuality is extremely limited and limiting, nevertheless, it is still the only tool available for humans by and through which they can come into the closest possible proximity to one another and to experience one another in the most intimate, private and personal manner, and to accomplish some limited degree of exchange of who they are and what they are.”

Planets At Play

Download Planets At Play (mp3, 28 MB).
This was extracted from vision-space on two successive 3 AM sessions, after having watched
Tuning In on YouTube. The first time I watched this video, I wrote Distant Sun during the hours following.

This music should be really powerful when used on the massage table.

Politician in Heat

This song is my contribution to politics during this election year. The message is simple: the only thing I can change is myself.

Download Politican In Heat (mp3, 3.8 MB).

He's gotta hard line for a constituent.
You know I been down, he's gonna up my rent.

Well, who is that man? Why's he smiling at me?
(He's a politician in heat.)
Well, I don't know him, and he don't know me
(He's a politician in heat.)
All he wants is my vote and my cash
Then he'll give it all to me
Get me a job and take care of my kids
Must be true, it's on my TV.

He gotta hard line for a constituent.
You know I've been down - he's gonna up my rent.

Well now that he's in, it's so easy to see,
(He's a politician in heat.)
He's fin'lly done himself jus' like he's done you 'n' me!
(He's a politician in heat.)
All day long he's massaging his plan,
getting us under his control
Making it smooth for the next time he's in
As he moves from poll to poll.

He gotta hard line for a constituent.
You know I been down - he's gonna up my rent.

Smilin' at the man now I'm able to see,
(He's a politician in heat.)
I'm just like him and he's just like me,
(We're all politicians in heat.)
Dream through the mirror we can heal ourselves -
We can't tell others who to be,
Turn our back to the bores and their wars,
They're not in our reality.