Shock Teapot

This is my seventh album, a bit out-of-series since I haven't released the sixth album yet (which is called Secrets of the Lower Chakras).

Light Body Resurrection

Download Light Body Resurrection (mp3, 7.5 MB).

Download Light Body Resurrection-Subliminal (mp3, 7.5 MB).

Download Light Body Resurrection-Music Only (mp3, 7.5 MB).

This piece is sort of an Ikea kit for your light body, reduced to the simplest set of instructions.

All it asks is that you believe that the dual slit experiment is true, that is, you have the power to create photons out of subtle energy.

Armed with that and these instructions, you begin to build your light body, one photon at a time.

Even if you don't believe in photons, you can use this for practice surfing, just in case a photon wave does come along.

This music uses a 32 Hz C/432 Hz A, Pythagorean intervals. It's important because the music operates on your enteric brain rather than the one in your head.

Here are the entrainments, frequencies and Pythagorean ratios:

1st Chakra, 8 & 32 Hz, 4 x 8 Hz (Earth's frequency)
2nd Chakra, 32 Hz, 4/1 of 1st chakra's base (8*4)
3rd Chakra, 54 Hz, 2/1 of 7th chakra's base (432/16*2/1)
4th Chakra, 81 Hz, 3/2 of 7th chakra's base (432/16*3/2)
5th Chakra, 108 Hz, 2/1 of 7th chakra's base (432/16*2)
6th Chakra, 128 Hz, 16/1 of 1st chakra's base (8*16)
7th Chakra, 192 Hz, 3/2 of 1st chakra's base (8*16*3/2)

I found these by feeling them, but listing them like this makes sense instead of relying on an irrational explanation. Also, sometimes I pull the 2nd chakra to F (42.67 Hz) because it feels like that channel has been hacked; so this brings it in resonance with the heart rather than the intellect.

Take several deep breaths and begin to relax.
Feel yourself sinking deeply into the surface, whether you are sitting or lying,
All your cares and worries flowing out of your body,
and pure white light entering your body from every direction.
And now, come to consciousness without feeling your body.
And looking around you, you will notice there are many small spheres.
These spheres are projectors which contain the energy and information to form the reality around you.
And as you see how your body is formed from the image projected by this array of spheres,
You can begin to see that you are in fact made of light which has coalesced into very dense matter.
So you can understand that as your vibrational rate goes up, this matter has to become less dense.
So now bring the vibrational level of these projectors up an octave
and begin to build your light body.
And you can see your light body being formed.
And this is the secret of two things being the same place at the same time.
Now bring the frequency up another octave.
And looking at it from the side of your consciousness in the material world,
It looks as if the matter is being somehow evaporated to create your light body.
And as you shift your consciousness into your light body,
The way it looks changes.
When your consciousness is in your light body,
it merely looks as if the projectors are shifting slightly,
so that more energy is directed to your light body and
you material body just disappears like a Cheshire cat.
And you just continue to smile thinking of that image
As you transfer you consciousness into your light body.
And you become aware of all the other light bodies
And of the light realm.
And as you continue to develop your light body,
and your consciousness transforms and transfers
into this realm of live and light,
Your consciousness continues to expand,
Your awareness expands.
Your resurrection has begun
It is unstoppable.
It is inexorable.

Ascension 2014

Earth is very crowded because souls are being sent there from all over the Galaxy since Earth is a training zone about evil right now. Evil is live reversed. Earth ceases being a training centre at the end of [the millennium], when all participants will get the opportunity to see the direct consequences of not cherishing the Earth. If you cherish life, you will see the ascension of Earth beyond evil. If you do not cherish life, you will experience the Apocalypse according to St. John the Divine....The desire of the ninth dimension is to exist in eternal samadhi and be available to share this feeling with all other beings who have attained it. I exist in my centre of light bathed in darkness and I pulse out waves of energy that would cause a nuclear explosion except for the information highways of light that receive my pulsations. I am like a great jellyfish of light having orgasms that makes eternal waves and pulsations in the Milky Way.

- Barbara Hand Clow, The Pleiadian Agenda, page 134, chapter 4, The Lizards and the Roman Church.

Now that a new stone block with "20 14" has appeared on The Georgia Guidestones, we can assume that things are accelerating again on Terra, and that significant auguring events shall probably occur. That means that most human Terrans are fairly committed at this point to either ascending to a higher level of existence or staying at the current one. This is indicated in one's life by what one is eating, how many electromagnetic fields one subjects oneself to, and countless other daily decisions which eventually add up to making someone capable or not of taking the higher levels of love-light.

Ascension looks like something different according to one's beliefs. So, for example, it could be about raising your vibration. It could be about getting raptured. Or it could be about getting carried off by a fleet of friendly aliens. The picture doesn't matter so much. What matters is mostly how you feel about it. If you are afraid, you will be staying right here.

Either way, it doesn't matter. Eventually it will all work out.

I think of it also as if we are waiting for a kind of triage to take place. Can one unblock the chakras sufficiently to get back in touch with Gaia, and to allow the healing energy to flow and expand within?

In order to get some kind of an idea of why the picture here looks the way it currently does, and to get in mind some possibilities of what is going to change, we can look at sexuality, which has been one of the biggest variables in this current experiment with humans on Terra...since the dawn of "civilisation."

At the current time on this planet, sex is arguably the area where the largest dichotomy exists between what people do versus what their society, family, and faith demand. So we know that the tension in this area is great, and since that tension is so much, it is likely that it will be relieved by a sea-change.

In order to get an idea of what the new social order might look like, I have put together three meditations about Cosmic Orgasm. This is also a glyph of ascension! So please relax and let the hieroglyphic pictures infuse and awaken your body, mind and spirit.

Bringers of the Dawn - Ch. 20 - Cosmic Orgasm
Osho - Cosmic Orgasm
Peter Francuch - Cosmic Orgasm

Another possibility which I recommend for your investigation if you are curious about such matters ~ a possible thread for the current density inhabitants of Terra is well-discussed in the book Sex At Dawn, which is also a good reference for understanding the current economic mess from a 10,000 metre altitude vantage point. Neither of these things is what the author intended, but for a visitor from another planet it jumps out!

If and when this split happens, the two new human societies would be in different dimensions; nevertheless they would still have certain commonalities, simply because of where they came from and the route the inhabitants chose to take for their futures.

Depending on one's consciousness, one can either see or not see the possibilities; and one does get what one wants.

If this sounds interesting, perhaps you would like to watch your own behaviour, to see which camp you are veering towards ~ even notice, has your consciousness changed at all since you have read this?

Gently Falling Snow (Healing Code for Shingles [Herpes Zoster])

Download Gently Falling Snow here (mp3, 2 MB).

There is a book of healing codes by Grigory Grabovoi. It is full of numbers which he channelled using a radionics machine. The numbers help one to work in the information domain, to bring about a balancing and correction of the body - any disease is a dissonance which simply needs to be harmonised. This particular number, 51454322, is the number for shingles (herpes zoster). I have simply used the numbers to indicate the notes on the traditional major (Ionian mode) scale in the key of C. So 51454322 becomes G-C-F-G-F-E-D-D. I used the chord sequence I-IV-IIm-V (C major - F major - D minor - G major).

To use the sequence, simply put the sequence on repeat and listen to it whilst sitting or lying down comfortably in a place where you can concentrate. Feel the sounds in your body, feel if they want to go to a particular place inside or outside. Feel if one or more notes stand out from the others. You may also wish to concentrate on the numbers at the same time, using the same technique of feeling and sensing, intuition rather than cognition. It's best to use headphones since there is a subaudible, binaural component.

Golden Rays Of Cellular Memories

Download Golden Rays Of Cellular Memories (mp3, 13.1 MB).

As with Planets at Play, this piece was received in two 3 AM sessions (on August 2nd and 3rd, 2014). This was after a bout with gluten which really knocked me out for a while, and I find this soothing as well as healing. Try it on the massage table, too.

Grabovoi Spine Healing Meditation

Download Grabovoi Spine Healing Meditation here (Mp3, 4.7 Mb).

This is a musical improvisation accompanied by a reading of Restoration of the Spine from the book Introduction to the Methods of Grigory Grabovoi. In fact it is not just about the spine, but applies to healing of the entire human organism, so it is a good one to start with. If you are interested in these healing modalities enough to buy the book, (which I recommend as this is "what's for dinner" for Terrans who wish to advance right now) you may also want to consider purchasing three other books at the same time:

  1. Concentration Exercises of Grigory Grabovoi which are daily exercises for altering one's consciousness so that one may sense and participate in the information field accessible to us now.
  2. Methods of Healing through the Application of Consciousness which contains methods by both Grigori Grabovoi and Arkady Petrov for healing and development of consciousness.
  3. Alexander Teetz's book Follow Your Calling - I'm Living My Dream which offers a way of living based on finding out who you are rather than trying to shoehorn yourself into some corporately-defined box.

There are some binaural beats in this meditation, so it is best listened to with headphones. Alexander Teetz gave me permission to publish this meditation, saying " is your work." Thanks to Alex and RareWare.

Move Consciousness - One Hour Meditation

Download Move Consciousness Meditation (mp3, 55 MB).

This meditation has several different parts. First, each of the chakras are lit up. Then the consciousness is moved outside the body, to several different locales. Finally, the last part is in the information domain, inside the control spheres around the human body, where you can use Grabovoi healing codes or other similar healing techniques.

This meditation can help one realise that one is not one's body, that one can move one's consciousness to a different location from where the body is.

Travellers from Beyond

Download Travellers from Beyond here (mp3, 28 MB).

Experience the mother ship as she approaches us and gets closer with each passing day.

Violet Crystal Meditation

Download Violet Crystal Meditation (mp3, 10.3 MB)

This meditation lets you use the technique of using a crystal and colours to promote the flow of healing energies withing yourself and another person. It is 11 minutes long. Here is a video, but it is best listened to in a meditative state with headphones.

We Wanna Make A Garden (The Pachamama Song)

Download We Wanna Make A Garden (The Pachamama Song) (mp3, 14.4 MB).

This song is around fifteen minutes long. It is especially good for dancing in your garden before, during or after you plant it.

Vocals by Stephanie and Lee, other instruments and vocals by Will. It is dedicated to Owen (Melanie's Owen in case you need clarification), just because he liked it.

This image of Pachamama at Butchart Gardens is copyrighted, courtesy of Norwegian
Marcus under Creative Commons remixing license.