Pleasure Journeys

This is Will Fortune's second album, published in May 2009.

01 - Water Drop Meditation

Download Water Drop Meditation (mp3, 12,626 KB)

Relax into becoming a drop of water;
experience the never-ending journey.

02 - Earth Energy Meditation

Download Earth Energy Meditation (mp3, 13,064 KB).

Helps you learn to raise subtle energy through your entire body. Leads you through the seven tones for the seven major chakras so that you can learn to subconsciously become aware of them.

03 - Introduction

Download Introduction (mp3, 7,943 KB).

04 - Find Energy Points

Download Find Energy Points (mp3, 24,616 KB). This piece helps you find the lower three chakras.

05 - Energy Chord

Download Energy Chord (mp3, 19,694 KB).

06 - Chakrat Layer Cake

Download Chakrat Layer Cake (mp3, 27,569 KB).

07 - Alien Mysteries

Download Alien Mysteries (mp3, 12,034 KB)

08 - Heart Journey to the Ancestors

Download Heart Journey to the Ancestors (mp3, 11,769 KB).

09 - The Red Echoes of Bliss

Download The Red Echoes of Bliss (mp3, 12,822 KB)

10 - Mimzy Meadow

Download Mimzy Meadow (mp3, 2,415 KB)