The Door Cracks Open

Released in 2009, the first album of Will Fortune makes its debut here. The first piece is entrainment for all seven chakras, while the rest are mostly focused on the first three chakras.

01 - Findhorn Fantasy

Download Findhorn Fantasy (mp3, 13,131 KB)

This is the music from the welcome video.

Lie down, relax,
eyes closed.

Feel each tone in each chakra,

let the music expand!

Chakra massage,
chakra caress.

Energy fills
energy flows.

02 - Crystal Galaxy

Downoad Crystal Galaxy (mp3, 11,294 KB).

I feel the energy
from my feet
to my crown
filling me
ready to burst out

I let it spring forth
from my head
shooting up
into the thinnest cloud
of my consciousness
into the night sky

I am now with my
familiar friends
Orion, the Pleiades,
Pegasus, the Bears
we swim, dance,
laugh and sing
joyfully in our vast
galactic home!

Je me sens de plus en plus de l'énergie
elle rebond de mes pieds à ma couronne
elle me remplit
prêt à sauter.

Je la laisse jaillir de ma tête
elle tire en haut
elle s'étale
dans le nuage le plus fine
de ma conscience
dans le ciel de la nuit.

Je suis avec mes amis bien connus
Orion, les Pléiades, les ours
on nage, on danse, on rit et on chante
avec joie dans notre grande maison galactique!

Ich spüre die Energie steigt
Sie springt von meinen Füßen auf meine Krone
Sie erfüllt mich
Sie ist bereit zu fliegen.

Ich lasse es direkt aus meinem Kopf
Es dreht sich
Es erweitert
in der schwächsten Wolke
meines Bewusstseins
in die Nacht Himmel.

Ich bin jetzt mit meinen Freunden bekannt.
Orion, die Plejaden, die Bären
wir schwimmen, tanzen, lachen und singen
mit Freude in unserem großen galaktischen Hause!


03 - Elemental Shift

Download Elemental Shift (mp3, 9508 KB)

Mist shrouds
the planet.
It parts,
reveals new shapes
as it is
reborn into
its next life.

04 - View From Above

Download View From Above (mp3, 9452 KB)

In the quiet 3:00 AM darkness
I quietly gaze at the horizon

from my perch on the hill.

A faint glow appears in the east,
a distant melody announcing the morning.

The trees soon join in
in a chorus of joy
and thanks -
night had seemed too long
only moments ago.

A gentle breeze whispers
around my body
touching me,
pushing me
over the edge,
into the realm of bliss.

"Why have so many forgotten this?
Why are they at home,

Now the birds join in.
I am now a falcon,
flying over the valley
to enjoy,
to feel
the experience
of another awakening.

"You choose your reality,
and I'll choose mine."

05 - The Unveiling

Download The Unveiling (mp3, 4,754 KB).

06 - Bee Healing

Download Bee Healing (mp3, 10270 KB).

Follow me, my brother!
Follow me, my sister!
Fly to the hive with me!

Fear no sting,
for you are only here
in spirit.

Come to the hive
for healing!
Feel my sister bees
caring for you,
buzzing their
love for you,
charging your body
with liquid gold
honey light
love energy.

07 - Olas de Tambór

Download Olas de Tambór (mp3, 6548 KB)

A quiet morning
walking on the beach
in Tambór, Costa Rica

A few crabs skitter nervously
the gulls call lazily
earth, light, sky, the waves -
the best parts of Now!

Un matin calme
je marche sur la plage
à Tambór, Costa Rica

les crabes grimpent
les mouettes crient paresseusement
la terre, la lumière, le ciel, les vagues -
les meilleures parties de Maintenant!

Ein ruhiger Morgen
Wandern am Strand
in Tambor, Costa Rica

Ein paar Krabben klettern nervös
die Möwen rufen faul
Erde, Licht, Himmel, die Wellen --
die besten Teile Jetzts!

Una mañana tranquila
caminando en la playa
en Tambór, Costa Rica

Unos cangrejos trepan nerviosamente
las gaviotas llaman perezosamente
tierra, la luz, el cielo, las olas --
las mejores partes de Ahora!

08 - Diana's Shapeshift

Download Diana's Shapeshift (mp3, 6738 KB)

I am Hippios

feeling with my body
sun and wind,
the earth gives
under my hooves.

I am Pegasus
climbing currents
ever higher
towards the light.
my happy heart
knows the way.

I am Unicorn
distilled spirit
shining gold
in the bright
quiet power
of eternal light.