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This is the only planet I've been to where you can get arrested, convicted, fined, and imprisoned if you hear a "protected" song and subsequently whistle it in public. In case you're wondering why I don't play any music written after 1923 (except what I've written myself), that's it!

The Quickening

I picked up this book, The Quickening by Stuart Wilde, at a friend's house and flipped over to the table of contents. Chapter 5, The Eternal Stance of the Warrior-Sage caught my eye and I decided to type it into my blog this morning. As Mr. Wilde says in the first chapter, "As I moved on and grew wiser I discovered that spiritual growth has little to do with acquisition...it became a function of what I was able to discard. The whole philosophy of the Quickening calls on you to lighten your load and to set your spirit free.

Ramblings on Myth, UFOs and Ecstatic States

Nothing I've written on this site is "true" according to "objective" standards set by the current Age of Reason on this planet. The best word which characterizes what I write here is Myth. I found a great explanation of what this means in the book by Lewis Hyde called The Gift. The particular passage (from the chapter 'Ezra Pound and the fate of vegetable money') refers to Ezra Pound's ruminations on this subject. Note in the poem Pound writes, "I stood still and was a tree amid the wood..." Now, does that mean that Pound actually became a tree?

Book Review - Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird Spalding

Ocean recommended that I read Baird Spalding's Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, which is available from Amazon and other places for a reasonable price. I think I paid about $30 including shipping for a used copy of the six-volume set.

The Sensuous Universe

I'm still doing a lot of traveling, and so have less time to post new writings and music. But while staying at Madhu's place I noticed she had a copy of Ken Carey's Third Millenium which I started reading. It was very interesting to me. Even before the first chapter, this little instruction grabbed me, as it indicates his sensitivity to other sentient beings on this planet:

Reading out of doors
in a quiet natural setting,
perhaps under a tree,
alongside a brook,
or near the seashore,
will greatly enhance
your experience
of what follows . . .

Some Notes on Intentional Music

My music is written with a definite intention. This intention is the energizing of the listener's subtle energy body. This has the secondary result of making the listener feel good, as eventually he or she can experience a full-body ecstatic energy-flow. This energy-flow is arguably the most pleasurable experience one can have on the physical plane.

Listening 101

Please understand this my music is intentional, and also that it is body music (as opposed to head music). What does this mean?

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