Download from 15-December-2020

Yesterday I had a meeting with one of my friends. The day after we spoke, I had a new perspective on the model of what I am doing with sound.

Normally, we humans are in fight-or-flight mode in our daily lives. Our civilisation has been organised so that this remains true most of the time, despite the fact that we are not directly threatened. So our baseline neurochemical levels have us in a condition of stress, waiting for something else to happen.

Our bodies are equipped to have a different baseline neurochemical profile that leaves us with an expanded life-force field. This condition of expanded field puts us in direct (entangled) contact with the world around us, including ALL other sentients. This baseline profile is marked by high levels of oxytocin, which encourages the conditioning and action of cells to interact and communicate with each other via a vibrational state. This can be felt in the body as vibrations, mostly in the spine but extending to all places in the body.

In the case of a threat appearing in the immediate environment, in this state the amygdala is not activated, but rather the hypothalamus and pituitary dump even more oxytocin instantly into the system. Since reality is a hologram modulated by fairly low-frequency mechanical vibrations (which are currently undetectable because they are transferred by entanglement rather than conduction or radiation), this allows human actors to instantly change reality at the physical level, intuitively and very rapidly since the interaction takes place in cells in the entire body).

The sudden injection of oxytocin allows trillions of cells to immediately become coherent, and phase conjugate with the Divine Matrix (not exactly the right words, but reflecting/amplifying reality-flow), and acts to open up the transceiver organs (connective or interstitial tissue filled with structured water, etc). In energetic terms, this results in an immediate oscillating flow of energy (Mother-Earth to Father-Sky) through the body and chakra system, which effectively amplifies and reflects the hologram-forming cymatic vectors surrounding the person. So instead of “fight-or-flight” reflexes, the reflexes become “modify-or-relocate.” “Relocate” in the sense of dissociate all cells and reassociate them in a different location, also known as teleportation.. Action is due to phased array resonance of all-cells and transfer of consciousness. This takes practice! But cells can be reassociated using different elements, e. g. silicon. Both of these can happen in the millisecond time-frame because of the construction of the oxytocin delivery system and the behaviour of cells which have already been entrained to act coherently.