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Music which helps with voyaging.

Palapa Drift

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Here are three pieces which were recorded and mixed during August 5-13 2009 in a beach palapa near Puerto Vallarta (Mexico). My Norwegian friend Hôz is playing the drums. You can hear the waves in the background on each piece. Try listening to Palapa Drift and Burro Storm whilst lying down with your eyes closed, and you will probably experience an amazing journey as you let the music take you crashing and tumbling through the waves!

7 - Wild Cat Wanderings

Download Wild Cat Wanderings (mp3, 10,166 KB, 10m50s).

They don't even notice
high above them
in the trees,
I, Wild Cat!

Fortunate blindness!

They would be terrified
of my compact power,
ruthless intent.

They would freeze
of their own bodies'

Visit in spirit and music;
there is no fear there!
Feel deeply,
without fear,
the world of catness.

6 - Misty Morning Awakenings

Download Misty Morning Awakenings (mp3, 13,229 KB, 14m6s).

Have you ever
been awakened
from your trance-like
state of slumber
by the morning melting
under the golden rays
of the sun,
finding yourself
inexplicably drawn
to the middle
of a grassy meadow?

Do you wonder
how you got there?

As you watch
the misty meadow
awaken - - -
what does it all mean?

- Zanzara

5 - Trance Dance Orbs

Download Trance Dance Orbs (mp3, 12,413 KB, 13m14s).

Everything's a dance,
if you can't feel it,
you miss it -

Get in the dance,
feel the life
love energy
let go
let it

10 - Mimzy Meadow

Download Mimzy Meadow (mp3, 2,415 KB)

09 - The Red Echoes of Bliss

Download The Red Echoes of Bliss (mp3, 12,822 KB)

08 - Heart Journey to the Ancestors

Download Heart Journey to the Ancestors (mp3, 11,769 KB).

07 - Alien Mysteries

Download Alien Mysteries (mp3, 12,034 KB)

01 - Findhorn Fantasy

Download Findhorn Fantasy (mp3, 13,131 KB)

This is the music from the welcome video.

Lie down, relax,
eyes closed.

Feel each tone in each chakra,

05 - The Unveiling

Download The Unveiling (mp3, 4,754 KB).

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