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Music which helps with voyaging.

Flying High (Exploring Orion's Head)

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This is a piece dedicated to Betsy Kundalini. It has A at 432 Hz with a scale using Pythagorean intervals, C is the root. Play on my Korg Keytar which has the capability of doing such oddities upon request (politely, through a USB cable). Listen in the body, feel where the music goes!

Direct link to YouTube.

Sound only (mp3, 16 MB) Right-click and «Save As...»

Planets At Play

Download Planets At Play (mp3, 28 MB).
This was extracted from vision-space on two successive 3 AM sessions, after having watched
Tuning In on YouTube. The first time I watched this video, I wrote Distant Sun during the hours following.

This music should be really powerful when used on the massage table.

We Wanna Make A Garden (The Pachamama Song)

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Download We Wanna Make A Garden (The Pachamama Song) (mp3, 14.4 MB).

This song is around fifteen minutes long. It is especially good for dancing in your garden before, during or after you plant it.

Vocals by Stephanie and Lee, other instruments and vocals by Will. It is dedicated to Owen (Melanie's Owen in case you need clarification), just because he liked it.

Thunder Drums

Download Thunder Drums (mp3, 13.1 MB)

As you begin to feel Terra's wild energy, you realize that you can pull as much of it up into your base chakra as you desire. Let it fill you with life, consciousness and love as it ripples from your feet up through your body. Fill yourself as much as you want, for Terra's energy is without limits!

Indigo Wave

Indigo Wave (mp3, 11.7 MB).

As you voyage in a small boat, you notice that the waves lapping against the sides are a deep, sparkling indigo. Bring this beautiful light energy into your heart and let it bathe your most inner consciousness.

Jungle Magic

Download Jungle Magic (mp3, 9.5 MB).

Enjoy a walk through an enchanted jungle as you learn to feel the energy flowing among all its inhabitants. You become part of the scenery, part of the magic.

Love Exchange

Download Love Exchange (mp3, 13.2 MB).

Feel the energy bounce between your base and heart chakras, and then enjoy breathing energy back and forth from these two chakras with a partner in the same room. After you learn to feel the energy easily, you can exchange energy even when you are separated by a great distance.

Distant Sun

Download Distant Sun (mp3, 18.5 MB). This is a journey to Sirius or perhaps one of the stars in the Pleiades; or you can choose your own favorite star to visit. While you are voyaging, you will still feel your attachment to Sol and Terra, and they will give you the energy for the voyage out and back.

03 - Burro Storm

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Download Burro Storm (mp3, 13,395 KB).

Recorded live with Hôz on drums during the week of August 10th. Parts were recorded during a storm which is why we named it Burro Storm. You may feel the electrical energy that was present!

02 - Palapa Drift

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Download Palapa Drift (mp3, 11,475 KB).

Recorded live with Hôz on drums during the week of August 10th.

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