Solstice 2011 - Meditation of Acceptance and Ascendancy

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Download Meditation of Acceptance and Ascendancy (mp3, 13.6 MB)

This is a 15 minute meditation that came to me upon waking this morning. The meditation starts after the four-minute mark, to allow time for the listener to relax. The waves I recorded near Puerto Vallarta in 2008. There are third and fourth harmonics of eight Hz (the Schumann resonance) which also yields an 8 Hz binaural beat, so for the full effect please use headphones.

This is the text of the meditation:

You are on top of a very high mountain. You have gotten here from living millions of years...years of effort, striving, success, failure, living, dying, loving...experiencing and living both "good" and "bad."

You are closer to Prime-Creator than you have ever been in all of your experiences in eternity. You have climbed up to this point, and now it is time to stop, relax, and survey where you are.

As you become aware of where you are, at the pinnacle of your experience and existence, you feel the call to continue; yet you may also feel the pull of the past, the comfort of the already-known, already-experienced, exerting its hold on you.

Now as you gaze down from the mountain top, you can see a long stream of people on a road below you, the road leading up to where you currently are. You can now allow yourself to look closely, to become aware of each of these people, as they approach you: these people, who are different aspects of yourself, whether that aspect is an incarnation, an experience, an archetype or symbol or ideal, whether male or female, whether "good" or "bad." As you become aware of these different people, as they pass by you, directly in front of you, look deeply into their eyes with a sense of love. Greet them with a loving smile and even an embrace if that seems appropriate. Express or at least feel deeply the love you have for each of these aspects of yourself. Express gratitude for the experience, even if it was a bad experience. Realize, feel deeply, that each of these aspects is someone or something that was absolutely necessary for you to have made it to this peak, to this closeness to Prime-Creator. Express deeply the thanks you feel to Prime-Creator for allowing yourself to have the freedom to have these experiences. Realize that these experiences, these incarnations, these aspects were necessary for your own development into a co-creator. If it is appropriate and necessary for your further ascendancy , bestow forgiveness to each and any aspect which you feel requires it. Release completely any shame or guilt that you feel about each of these entities, remembering that Prime-Creator has given you the gift of experiencing all of these aspects so that you can continue on your journey, and that Prime-Creator is loving and forgiving rather than hating and judgmental.

Repeat this with each of these aspects. Open yourself to receiving some impression about each of these manifestations, why it is there, why it was necessary, and why it is now finished. Remain bathed in the love-light-bliss-holiness of Prime-Creator, allowing the intense feelings from each entity to pass through you without letting anything tie you to it, letting the experience flow through yourself completely, but without lessening the love, acceptance, bliss and harmony you feel from Prime-Creator.

Once you have experienced this fully with each of these aspects of yourself-past, allow this part of you to be dismissed, and explain if it feels necessary that it is time for you to move on, that you are thankful to that part of yourself; but that now you are moving through this layer and on to a new, higher dimension which is calling to you. Feel the love of Prime-Creator as you open to the feeling of eternal confidence that you are loved, blessed, appreciated, cared for. Feel that you don't have to do anything to justify your existence, that your existence is a free gift from Prime-Creator, and that you can rest in that assurance that you have been, are now, and will be loved and cared for even if you do nothing but just exist. Give thanks for everything that you have received in the past, what you are receiving now, and what you will receive in the future. Rest in the knowledge that you are loved far more than you can possibly imagine, and that you will continue to receive blessings beyond your heart's desire. Expect a manifestation of that promise in the immediate future.