Listening 101

Please understand this my music is intentional, and also that it is body music (as opposed to head music). What does this mean?

Scientists on this planet have only recently realized that the version of human-entity they are familiar with has not one but two brains, one of which is in the head, and one which is in the digestive system. They are calling the second one the "Enteric Brain." As a side note, scientists on this planet are really amusing when you first get here, especially the scientists who study biology. Currently they understand less than 10% of the structure and processes in living organisms. They would make things a lot easier on themselves if they approached their study as a reverse engineering task instead of throwing away the innumerable pieces of evidence which they don't understand and which don't agree with their current theories. The scientific hierarchy and its relationship to government (and funding) resembles the church of several hundred years ago, and the penalties for heresy are just as bad. This is definitely holding up progress here!

But even if you exclude the masses of ignorant scientists, there is still very little understanding of how the subtle energy system functions in any living organism, whether we're talking about humans, animals, plants, rocks, the whole planet, or the stars. In fact many humans are not even aware that they are surrounded by intelligence and sentience (the ability to feel or perceive subjectively). The human head-brain has been so thoroughly regimented and anesthetized on this planet that it is now incapable of perceiving anything but what is put directly in front of it and announced by an external source, which is typically one of its chosen rulers or an agent of them (like the TV).

Fortunately, the enteric brain is still relatively untouched (although that is now changing with the advent of plant and animal genes which have been scrambled a bit by clueless scientists playing with things they hardly understand). This brain can be activated by vibrations - it was designed that way - which leads to energization of the subtle energy system, and which allows humans to perceive other sentient beings around them whose resonant frequency is different from humans. The trick is to get the head-brain out of the way.

This can be done by the music itself when the listener is in the state necessary for this to happen, which at least at first means lying down with eyes closed and headphones on. It could also be helped by meditation (or sessions in a floatation tank for those who don't know how to meditate); or by using bass shakers or sub-bass woofers placed in contact with the abdomen. Once the system is energized even a little, it is only a matter of time before the cymatic reaction of the human's enteric muscle system actually joins in with the sensitization process. When this process is complete, a human's central nervous system has been effectively rewired so that it doesn't resemble other humans' systems. This means mainly that the sensitized human is now able to feel and exchange energy with other living entities.

This process, once started, accelerates (because of the cymatic positive feedback in the system) and will effectively latch this ability. Once a certain number of humans reaches this point, even those humans who are not energized will not be able to stop themselves from becoming sensitized, and they will be able to feel plants, animals, and Earth also. Also at this point, the damage being done to Earth and its entities will come to a screeching halt because people will no longer be able to hurt their nurturing mother-planet without experiencing what she is experiencing themselves.

So please spend a little time, say, fifteen minutes per day for a week or two, listening to Findhorn Fantasy, whilst visualizing your chakras at each appropriate tone as shown on my chakra video. Join the growing group of humans who have progressed beyond the rational ("I think, therefore I am") to the next stage ("I give, therefore I am"). The dominoes have started to fall unstoppably here on Earth as the financial system continues to collapse world-wide. Instead of experiencing the fear of the unknown which others are being forcefully hypnotized into, get ready to feel the ecstasy and bliss which are hiding just beneath the surface of our reality and your own personal current consciousness; I think you will prefer it!


Will Fortune