Light Body Resurrection

Download Light Body Resurrection (mp3, 7.5 MB).

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This piece is sort of an Ikea kit for your light body, reduced to the simplest set of instructions.

All it asks is that you believe that the dual slit experiment is true, that is, you have the power to create photons out of subtle energy.

Armed with that and these instructions, you begin to build your light body, one photon at a time.

Even if you don't believe in photons, you can use this for practice surfing, just in case a photon wave does come along.

This music uses a 32 Hz C/432 Hz A, Pythagorean intervals. It's important because the music operates on your enteric brain rather than the one in your head.

Here are the entrainments, frequencies and Pythagorean ratios:

1st Chakra, 8 & 32 Hz, 4 x 8 Hz (Earth's frequency)
2nd Chakra, 32 Hz, 4/1 of 1st chakra's base (8*4)
3rd Chakra, 54 Hz, 2/1 of 7th chakra's base (432/16*2/1)
4th Chakra, 81 Hz, 3/2 of 7th chakra's base (432/16*3/2)
5th Chakra, 108 Hz, 2/1 of 7th chakra's base (432/16*2)
6th Chakra, 128 Hz, 16/1 of 1st chakra's base (8*16)
7th Chakra, 192 Hz, 3/2 of 1st chakra's base (8*16*3/2)

I found these by feeling them, but listing them like this makes sense instead of relying on an irrational explanation. Also, sometimes I pull the 2nd chakra to F (42.67 Hz) because it feels like that channel has been hacked; so this brings it in resonance with the heart rather than the intellect.

Take several deep breaths and begin to relax.
Feel yourself sinking deeply into the surface, whether you are sitting or lying,
All your cares and worries flowing out of your body,
and pure white light entering your body from every direction.
And now, come to consciousness without feeling your body.
And looking around you, you will notice there are many small spheres.
These spheres are projectors which contain the energy and information to form the reality around you.
And as you see how your body is formed from the image projected by this array of spheres,
You can begin to see that you are in fact made of light which has coalesced into very dense matter.
So you can understand that as your vibrational rate goes up, this matter has to become less dense.
So now bring the vibrational level of these projectors up an octave
and begin to build your light body.
And you can see your light body being formed.
And this is the secret of two things being the same place at the same time.
Now bring the frequency up another octave.
And looking at it from the side of your consciousness in the material world,
It looks as if the matter is being somehow evaporated to create your light body.
And as you shift your consciousness into your light body,
The way it looks changes.
When your consciousness is in your light body,
it merely looks as if the projectors are shifting slightly,
so that more energy is directed to your light body and
you material body just disappears like a Cheshire cat.
And you just continue to smile thinking of that image
As you transfer you consciousness into your light body.
And you become aware of all the other light bodies
And of the light realm.
And as you continue to develop your light body,
and your consciousness transforms and transfers
into this realm of live and light,
Your consciousness continues to expand,
Your awareness expands.
Your resurrection has begun
It is unstoppable.
It is inexorable.