Real News - Anastasia, Personal Sovereignty and Kin Domains

As you probably have noticed, humans in most "Developed" countries on this planet are watching a bad re-run, and over time have been talked into being herded into small cages with little room and no connection to the planet; some have even been talked into killing other humans with whom they have never communicated. It turns out that the guys running the experiment can easily do this as they know humans like toys, especially ones which keep them from Noticing What's Going On.

Meanwhile, much of the biosphere has been harvested to make new toys. This has reached the point where even some of the Important Humans have noticed that there could be a (small) problem in the future, but they don't get too worried because they can still drive to Safeway to hunt and gather.

The other sentients are not so sanguine, and have told some of the humans that they are not in charge (video), and that they will not be allowed to continue in this manner; that is, the biosphere may not be killed off totally by the humans just to make more toys.

One might wonder as one watches the scene unfold, "How can the other sentients possibly win against compound interest and thermonuclear weapons?" This question springs from a misunderstanding of immune system technology. Our mother's immune system has been activated, and the only way to avoid looking like a foreign body is to take care of some part of her, however small that might be. So, if you are a gardener, effectively you have a cloak of invisibility against Gaia's phagocytes. Repeat: having a garden right about now would be a Good Idea!

In some parts of the "Developed" world, growing food outside your cage results in having to pay a fine, or even being put in an even smaller cage, with no access to soil at all. But in Russia and some other Slavic countries, humans have been leaving for so many years that the Important Humans there are trying to reverse the trend. So they are offering humans sovereignty over a 2.5 acre (1 hectare) patch of fertile land, with an added incentive: there is a provision that the occupants of the land will never have to pay taxes on the land, or anything it produces. In Russia, this is called a Kin's Domain.

This will not seem important to humans in Developed countries, who already traded in their Magna Carta and Bill of Rights (both declarations of sovereignty) for more toys. Again, this is a bad re-run, we know what happens in the end. You can read about it even in a 2,500 year old document, the Tao Te Ching:

When there are many restrictions in the world
The people become more impoverished
When people have many sharp weapons
The country becomes more chaotic
When people have many clever tricks
More strange things occur
The more laws are posted
The more robbers and thieves there are.

Therefore the sage says:
I take unattached action, and the people transform themselves
I prefer quiet, and the people right themselves
I do not interfere, and the people enrich themselves
I have no desires, and the people simplify themselves.

There is one additional reason this is so interesting. One of the most Important Humans in Russia, a leader, sees this as a way to respond asymmetrically to sanctions imposed by other countries, and as a way of side-stepping problems encountered from a trade agreement which turns out not to be beneficial; furthermore, he sees this as a way that Russia can lead the world in providing unmodified ("organic") produce from these small kin domains. You may have already noticed that the Important Humans never worry about food. They don't understand what is happening to the food chain in the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Anastasia, the shaman from the Russian Taiga, predicted that this would happen in the 1990's. Perhaps it has been hard to see how this prediction could come to pass; but it is almost a reality in Russia, where the Duma continues to discuss the bill.

Anastasia means resurrection in Greek. So, if you look around and think "Death" is what's happening, think beyond that - the signs are already springing up if you know what to look for!