Translation of Dance Upon The Earth


Thanks for being patient with me! You always have a smile when I come into Wellburns, which is why I am asking you to consider helping me. The only thing I have to offer you is "Fame" ~ I can put your name in the credits for helping me, in a future video which includes the Mandarin version.

So this task just depends really on whether or not you decide to do it. Please accept my apology that it took me so long to put this up, but learning the version in Arabic has taken a couple of months because I don't speak Arabic. Here is what my Lebanese friend gave me so I could learn it. You would have to do the same kind of thing for me:

I' m so happy here (ana farhan huna)
Dancing with you (arqus ma'ak)
Let's dance together (yalaa nrqus ma'a ba'ud)
and see what we can do (wa-nara maymkinona fe'luh)
To make a new world (leenasna'a 'alaman jadid)
Dance Dance Dance (erqus erqus erqus)
Upon the earth ('ala ha-thy-he al-arrd)
Dance upon the earth! (erqus "ala hathyhe alarrd)

As of today, May 28th 2015, I have learned Dance Upon The Earth in English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, and Arabic. Here is what the whole song sounds like (played live on Earth Day 2015 in Springridge Commons, here in Fernwood):

Here is the original video, played on the day I received the song:

Here is the chorus in Russian:

...and here it is in French:

I hope you can help me translate and say it in Mandarin!