I use a lot of different instruments to create this music, in case anyone is interested. Here is the canonical list, which I will update as I use more.

All of the ambient sounds (waves, rain, birds and others) are recorded by myself during my wanderings over the planet. I use a Roland/Edirol R-09 pocket stereo recorder. It is my constant companion - I use it so much that the plastic pieces wear out, so I periodically have to fix it with parts obtained from their most excellent parts department! I transfer these sounds to a PC, where I may modify or mix them; then they are typically transferred to a Boss BR-1200CD Digital Recording Studio so that I can "play" them in realtime. This instrument, by the way, was graciously sold to me at a very reasonable price by Bluebonic Plague, a fellow artist who was lightening up before moving to NYC. Thanks and a tip of the hat to you, Matt!

Background drone notes, especially the ones which make binaural beats, were mostly done with BrainWave Generator, a software package for PCs. On more recent pieces (starting with Clear Voyage) I am switching more and more to George Taylor's Audio Test File Generator for this task as it produces the ne plus ultra in pure sine waves. He also graciously modified it for me so that it now produces very long duration (and correspondingly large) files, which I need since the enteric brain is just not into time. These are also transferred to the Boss BR-1200CD so I can play them. So, thanks to George, and also his wife, who helped me with some Portuguese questions!

I use three synthesizers: a Korg R3, an Alesis Micron, and a Roland Sonic Cell. I don't use the keyboards on the Korg and Alesis much because they have no touch sensitivity, which is needed for the time-domain modulation effects. So I use M-Audio Axiom (a 25 and a 49) controllers connected to them via MIDI. The drumming (except for pieces where Hoz is playing) is done with the Axiom pads through the Sonic Cell.

I do the final mixing with a Zoom HD-16CD 16 track Digital Recording Studio. I also use Audacity, which is an excellent Open Source sound editor. It is particularly useful for modifying ambient sounds with sub-audible time domain filtering effects.

Updated 13-Jan-2010