Grabovoi Spine Healing Meditation

Download Grabovoi Spine Healing Meditation here (Mp3, 4.7 Mb).

This is a musical improvisation accompanied by a reading of Restoration of the Spine from the book Introduction to the Methods of Grigory Grabovoi. In fact it is not just about the spine, but applies to healing of the entire human organism, so it is a good one to start with. If you are interested in these healing modalities enough to buy the book, (which I recommend as this is "what's for dinner" for Terrans who wish to advance right now) you may also want to consider purchasing three other books at the same time:

  1. Concentration Exercises of Grigory Grabovoi which are daily exercises for altering one's consciousness so that one may sense and participate in the information field accessible to us now.
  2. Methods of Healing through the Application of Consciousness which contains methods by both Grigori Grabovoi and Arkady Petrov for healing and development of consciousness.
  3. Alexander Teetz's book Follow Your Calling - I'm Living My Dream which offers a way of living based on finding out who you are rather than trying to shoehorn yourself into some corporately-defined box.

There are some binaural beats in this meditation, so it is best listened to with headphones. Alexander Teetz gave me permission to publish this meditation, saying " is your work." Thanks to Alex and RareWare.