Gently Falling Snow (Healing Code for Shingles [Herpes Zoster])

Download Gently Falling Snow here (mp3, 2 MB).

There is a book of healing codes by Grigory Grabovoi. It is full of numbers which he channelled using a radionics machine. The numbers help one to work in the information domain, to bring about a balancing and correction of the body - any disease is a dissonance which simply needs to be harmonised. This particular number, 51454322, is the number for shingles (herpes zoster). I have simply used the numbers to indicate the notes on the traditional major (Ionian mode) scale in the key of C. So 51454322 becomes G-C-F-G-F-E-D-D. I used the chord sequence I-IV-IIm-V (C major - F major - D minor - G major).

To use the sequence, simply put the sequence on repeat and listen to it whilst sitting or lying down comfortably in a place where you can concentrate. Feel the sounds in your body, feel if they want to go to a particular place inside or outside. Feel if one or more notes stand out from the others. You may also wish to concentrate on the numbers at the same time, using the same technique of feeling and sensing, intuition rather than cognition. It's best to use headphones since there is a subaudible, binaural component.