Frequently Answered Questions

Q. What is this music?
A. It's music which is to be listened to in a state where the brain in your head (cortex) is below its normally conscious state. It is specifically meant to be listened to by the brain in your body (enteric brain/central nervous system).

Q. Why is this music so ugly and annoying?
A. If you find it this way, then you are only listening to it with your brain, which it is not designed for. In fact, it is designed to be boring to your brain! Once your brain goes to sleep and you can hear it with your body and central nervous system, you will begin to hear it the way it is supposed to sound, which is more like feeling it.

Q. Where should I start?
A. If you want to jump in, start with this introduction playlist, which has a meditation which explains how to entrain your chakras to the different tones, and then three tonal entrainment pieces. Note that there is no right or wrong way to listen, but if the music does relax you, please don't listen to it while you're driving or doing anything that requires full, conscious attention.

Q. How do I listen to this music?
A. The best way is while lying down or meditating with headphones, in a quiet and darkened room.

Q. Are any of your writings true?
A. Not really, yes. My writings are mythical. You can read further about what I mean by this here.