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Music which teaches the chakra tones.

Bringers of the Dawn - Ch. 20 - Cosmic Orgasm

Download Bringers of the Dawn - Ch. 20 - Cosmic Orgasm here (mp3, 30 Mb).

This book was channelled by Barbara Marciniak. You can buy the book here on Amazon, definitely a must-read!

Here is the text, from the Internet (not copied from the book itself).

Chapter Twenty

Golden Rays Of Cellular Memories

Download Golden Rays Of Cellular Memories (mp3, 13.1 MB).

As with Planets at Play, this piece was received in two 3 AM sessions (on August 2nd and 3rd, 2014). This was after a bout with gluten which really knocked me out for a while, and I find this soothing as well as healing. Try it on the massage table, too.

Gently Falling Snow (Healing Code for Shingles [Herpes Zoster])

Download Gently Falling Snow here (mp3, 2 MB).


Download AscenDance (mp3, 11.3 MB).
New! 14 minute version: AscenDance (Long Version) (mp3, 13 MB).

The longer version spends more time on the base chakra and is more powerful for long-term entrainment.

Heart Echo

Published in

There's not much I can say about this piece except that it works on me more powerfully than any other piece I've written so far. You bounce energy between lower chakras on the low note, and the heart on the high note. You can do it alone or with someone else. That's it.

Download Heart Echo (MP3, 13.1 MB)

Here's what it looks like in Audacity:

Goddess Whirled

Published in

Download Goddess Whirled (mp3, 20.6 MB). This is a piece which is like a game, and you can even play it with a friend. It coaxes you into bouncing energy up and down, throughout your body, which eventually lights up and balances all the chakras and the paths between them.

Thunder Drums

Download Thunder Drums (mp3, 13.1 MB)

As you begin to feel Terra's wild energy, you realize that you can pull as much of it up into your base chakra as you desire. Let it fill you with life, consciousness and love as it ripples from your feet up through your body. Fill yourself as much as you want, for Terra's energy is without limits!

Indigo Wave

Indigo Wave (mp3, 11.7 MB).

As you voyage in a small boat, you notice that the waves lapping against the sides are a deep, sparkling indigo. Bring this beautiful light energy into your heart and let it bathe your most inner consciousness.

Jungle Magic

Download Jungle Magic (mp3, 9.5 MB).

Enjoy a walk through an enchanted jungle as you learn to feel the energy flowing among all its inhabitants. You become part of the scenery, part of the magic.

Love Exchange

Download Love Exchange (mp3, 13.2 MB).

Feel the energy bounce between your base and heart chakras, and then enjoy breathing energy back and forth from these two chakras with a partner in the same room. After you learn to feel the energy easily, you can exchange energy even when you are separated by a great distance.

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