Awakening Videos

This is an informal list of videos which have been important to me on this inner journey, especially during the last two years. I will continue to add to it. Links are from HooplaDigital for library card holders, where possible.

  1. The Lost Secret of Immortality features Fr. Francis Tiso explaining the rainbow body of Tibetan Buddhist tradition, from a Roman Catholic/Christian context. Also highly recommended is this more recent video.
  2. If there is one video I could recommend which summarizes a coherent world-view during the whirlwind time we are living in now, it's this one.

    Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - 1 - Akasha
    Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - 2 - Spiral
    Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - 3 - The Serpent and The Lotus
    Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - 4 - Beyond Thinking

  3. The Sorceror's Apprentice is a story which has been around since the Mahabarata, and contains the debilitating image of humans who have caused something to happen in the information domain trying to remedy it in the material domain, which is of course a disaster. The latest version changes that meme and replaces it with Nicolas Cage teaching his apprentice HOW-TO learn in that domain.
  4. Kundalini explains the phenomenon of Kundalini activation from Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim traditions. I find it a good overview for people who are unfamiliar with the idea, and also for people who are beginning to be activated.
  5. The Great Lesson is a mainstream overview of the planetary awakening, what's happening from a non-esoteric viewpoint.
  6. Orbs is a video which can help attune a person to seeing things around themselves which are outside of consensus reality, things which indicate that the world is not what we think it is physically, but rather that it contains many objects which hint at the structures behind our reality.
  7. Otherworld (Freddy Silva) is a video which shows that there is a reality outside of our own, which is all around us, and which is accessible to us when we are ready.
  8. The Last Avatar is a movie which summarizes a worldview based on Gnostic Christian teachings including Archons, awakening, resurrection, the light body...highly recommended.
  9. The Last Mimzy is a children's movie which contains a lot of information about the structure of reality behind what is seen.
  10. Knowing is another Nicolas Cage movie which has a lot of activating hieroglyphic images and hints at alternative ways of looking at "reality."
  11. Resurrection (1980) contains loads of images and hints about what is coming as our new consciousness.