Hypotheses about HBO (Human Body Oscillator) Music

This site is about Human Body Oscillator music, which is different from “regular” music in that it is primarily experienced with the body and enteric brain rather than the ears and auditory cortex. Eventually, after the body has found its own resonating frequencies, the smooth muscles oscillate and “wave” in the entire body, accompanied by feelings of bliss. So the body in fact intrinsically participates in the music. This seems to be true in groups too: during the few concerts I have given, some people eventually have tuned in and felt the waves of bliss as the body connects with the vibrations.

This article is a work in progress and I will edit as I go. I have been working on HBO (Human Body Oscillator) music every day since 2003. This is the first video I made, in 2004, which gives an idea of the tones and some locations I found, in this case the seven chakras.

Here is the one sentence version of what I guess to be happening:

Causing the human body to resonate with certain frequencies eventually wakes up a forgotten system which systematically cleans out, rewires, and transforms Homo Sapiens into Homo Universalis via activation of a metamorphosis, during which the body slowly deteriorates as the new vehicle for consciousness, the “light body” is formed.

Note that this is probably what people are talking about when they say Unity Consciousness, or Light Body, or ascension body, or Merkabah…there are many names in the different traditions.

Here are my current hypotheses about HBO music.

  1. HBO musical scale is based on Earth frequency of 8 Hz.
  2. HBO musical frequency range is from approximately .125 Hz to 1024 Hz.
  3. Consciousness of energy constantly coalesces it into a denser expression.
  4. Consciousness in humans is most strongly expressed in feeling because the entire human body can feel in all places simultaneously, and in some cases, multiple feelings or complex feelings in the same place.
  5. Having feelings in any location of the body and then focusing on those feelings, “feeling the feeling,” causes the feeling to increase.
  6. At some point as the feelings increase, the thalamus-pituitary-oxytocin loop gets involved. This is a positive feedback loop, so it is limited by something else in the system; but oxytocin levels continue to increase as the smooth muscles and their accompanying nerves come into focus during subsequent HBO sessions.


Last edit 24-Aug-2019